Many former LSU Football players return to campus Saturday for the Tigers National L Club Spring Game and eight of them will serve as guest captains for the game.

The captains will be Lamin Barrow, Will Clap, Jeremy Hill, Tyrann Mathieu, Ethan Pocic, Stevan Ridley, Robert Royal, and Spencer Ware.

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Kickoff for the spring game is set for 1 p.m.
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OceanMan59 months
Legit haven’t heard of any of those dudes
user avatar
StupidBinder59 months
You legit suck as an LSU football fan then.
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SmoothOperator9659 months
Are you 3 years old?
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Puddinhead59 months
You haven't even heard of Tyrann Mathieu?
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tigerpawl59 months
Robert Royal > Rohan > Rainbows
user avatar
Bayoubred59 months
Uhmmm I used to think there was a difference in a CAPTAIN and a COACH...
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