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A common theme at SEC Media Days this week was reporters asking head coaches how many of their players have been vaccinated for Covid-19.

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron did not give an exact number when he was asked the question but added that most of the players have been vaccinated. Per The Advocate:

Six of the SEC's 14 football teams have reached 80% vaccination, Sankey said. LSU coach Ed Orgeron didn't offer an exact number on the team's vaccination when asked later Monday, but he added "I think most of our guys have been vaccinated for COVID."

"And obviously that's a personal choice," Orgeron said. "But hopefully, hopefully towards the season, most of our guys decide to get vaccinated."
Earlier in the day, longtime LSU media member Charles Hanagriff said that LSU is among those six schools that have reached 80% vaccination:

According to The Advocate, once a team reaches the 85% vaccination threshold, the SEC no longer requires it to test that team regularly or wear masks inside its facilities.
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You get a Cold and it is caused by the Rhinovirus. That virus gets into your cells and injects it’s RNA into your cell and make protein to make new viruses. Your immune system makes antibodies to destroy those protein, which also destroys the virus. The COVID vaccine is the COVID 19 RNA that does the same thing the Cold virus does. Very few of us questioned the need for the Polio, Mumps, Measles, Tetanus and Rubella vaccines. They were never politicized. They have always been a religious issue. They were considered health matters. Unfortunately, the COVID vaccine Has become a political and religious matter. The science has taken a back seat to the political aspect of the virus. Bill Cassidy is doing a great job of explaining that the complication rate with the vaccine is .01%. The chance of dying in an accident on the way to get the vaccine is greater than your risk of taking the vaccine.
Reply5 days
See the 17 year old that got the vaccine and he can never play sports again? Or walk up stairs
Reply14 days
Why ask this shit Tell me about your players private medical decisions
Reply14 days
"Can you tell us how many of your players have been vaccinated and tell us the ones that haven't so we can try to destroy their lives on Twitter?"
Reply14 days
A bunch of them got it last summer. Not one of them was hospitalized.
Reply14 days
yes because covid is so detrimental to young adults!! F Greg Sankey
Reply14 days
College athletes don't need it. It's evil to push it on them. How many hospitalized? Dead? Zero.
Reply14 days
Had a couple on the team last year who got hit really hard. One guy lost around 40 lbs that he couldn’t afford to lose and he wasn’t able to play and some others had more complications. I’m neither for nor against the vaccine but you definitely want to avoid these problems as much as possible.
14 days
Yes, it's so evil. They did a study that showed 15% of athletes who got it had permanent damage they didn't know about yet. That's why you had the media bringing up teams may pass on players who got infected with covid before the vaccine. It impacts people differently and several players did get pretty badly sick on the team.
14 days
Deuce, any study that shows Covid isn't dangerous is not allowed to be published because it doesn't fit the narrative.
14 days
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