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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron met with the media early on Thursday after practice and answered questions about Leonard Fournette and his sudden departure from the football team.

Fournette signed with an agent on Monday and is no longer a part of the LSU Football program and therefore cannot travel with the team to Orlando for the Citrus Bowl.

Coach Orgeron suggested that Fournette's decision to sit out was a decision that is best for him and his family.

He also added that if Fournette was 100 percent healthy then he would be out there playing with his teammates.

Fournette missed four games this season with a lingering left ankle injury.
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I hear too many people complaining about this. Anybody with sense can understand his decision. I fully believe he'd be out there if he was 100%, and nobody on the football team seems to have any hard feelings. He's been one of the better ambassadors for the program, and I can't remember an active player being so involved with the community.
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Exactly MemberSince! Yet these nut jobs come on here denigrating the guy when they know he has played hurt all year. It is clear they were against him long before this incident and were trying to find something as an excuse to express their hate and disdain for him. A pitiful lot they are. Fornette has given LSU and Louisiana his all since he chose LSU over Bama. It is a terrible picture for future recruits that a palyer of Leonard Fournette's stature and contributions to LSU would be treated like that by LSU fans after what he has done for the university. On the other hand =maybe those aren't LSU fans. And if they are LSU "fans", they should immediately tender their resignations.
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