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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was asked Monday about his decision-making process on fourth downs vs. Georgia, as the Tigers converted four fourth downs on Saturday. Here's what he had to say:

Q. I know a couple times I've asked you about the fourth down decision-making process. This last game that was a huge element of the game. Were you even giving the go ahead or was it predetermined if we get within this distance we're rolling?

ED ORGERON: If we have a shot, we're going to take it. Fourth-and-one, that's what we're going for, even on the 38. Took a little while to set the chains up. We were going to hurry up. We were going to hurry-up offense. Worked a couple of times.

Any situation in this football game we had a chance to attack, we were going to attack. The 38 was a little dicey, but it worked.
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TaderSalad65 months
We need to take this approach in the RZ as well. I know FG's are great and all, but we need to learn how to score a TD in the RZ. 4th and 1 in the RZ we should at least try to draw them offsides.
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Hester Carries65 months
Needed to take those shots against Florida. Conservative play calling cost us early. Hopefully this is a sign we are adapting.
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LSUTigerBait0765 months
Hes really starting to win me over. Talk about giving the kids confidence.
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