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During Monday's press conference, head coach Ed Orgeron talked about LSU's offensive line struggles from Saturday vs. Texas A&M. Here's what he had to say:

Opening statement:

On the offense, number one, the scheme has to be better. I watched the film yesterday. We need to put our players in better positions, call better plays, have answers to their blitzes. Too many free blitzes hitting our young quarterbacks. Our execution has to be better on run blocking. We did not control their front or blitzes. We watched that yesterday, identified what went wrong. We came up with a lot of solutions. Today is going to be a big day on fixing what went wrong on offense.

Q. You talked about protection, offensive line, working on that today. Is it at all similar to the frustrations you had a couple years ago in 2018 where you had to bring other people in to protect, it limits you a bit? Y'all talked about that spreading out allowed y'all to give the quarterback less pressure sometimes. Is it at all similar to that? How are y'all finding the answers?

ED ORGERON: We like the spread. We like to keep one back in for protection. We also like to empty it out because you get rid of the ball quick. What happened in this game wasn't the amount of people that were blocking, it was how we were blocking. They were overloading one side. We turned away from it and those guys came. That's just scheme. It's something that we can fix. It wasn't about bringing extra people into the protection. We like to get as many people as we can out. We had enough people in protection, but we just weren't sliding it the right way.

Q. Obviously you gave that explanation about the offensive line, what you think was going on. Do you think there were mistakes or something you have to change with how you were scheming it?

ED ORGERON: I think both of them. First of all, you have to look at scheme. We did not have them in the right position a lot of the times. There were some free blitzes coming in. The way we turned the protection, the way we protect, those things can be fixed easily, things that we have done before. There were a couple times we got beat one-on-one. We have to have better together. We have to play better and compete better. So it was a combination of both.

Q. How much was not being able to get a push in the run game, not having Tory Carter available? What is his status coming back? Is Arik kind of more in the position to block?

ED ORGERON: Tory will not be available this week. At fourth-and-one, we go hurry up. We got beat at the line of scrimmage. That was a big play in the ballgame. We're trying to run the leads inside. There was no room to run them. We got to be more creative, get the ball outside and we got to block better.
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mule7443 months
Some of what he is saying here just isn’t true. Yes, there may be scheme issues. However our tackles got spun over and over again off the corner. They fly out got beat numerous times. That’s not a scam issue. That’s a talent and development issue.
user avatar
oline526443 months
As an o-line guy, I was taught since pee-wee league that you block until the whistle blows. Give your QB at minimum 3 seconds. The O-line play has not lived up to their potential.
user avatar
WhiskeyPlease43 months
The O-Line look like they were picked up off the streets and given free meals to play in this game. Ray Charles could see the Blitz coming and trip them with a cane and do a better job
user avatar
FatBoy6243 months
he needs to use some of his salary and pay Saban a few grand to make it look close next weekend
user avatar
austiger43 months
Scheme should not be a problem for an entire game in week 7. Make an adjustment.
user avatar
ccomeaux43 months
So if it's that easy to fix, why didn't you fix it at half time ? Or even after the first couple of series ? He's not even making sense at this point.
user avatar
TheWalrus43 months
Geez it’s almost like he should have hired someone competent to run the offense.
user avatar
chinhoyang43 months
a lot of words
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