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Jerry Palm with CBS Sports updated his College Football Playoff ranking projections this week and has LSU No. 2 behind Ohio State and ahead of Alabama and Penn State.

2. LSU
The Tigers picked up another high-quality win over Auburn on Saturday. The 23-20 score is the closest LSU has come to putting a "1" in the loss column this season and the first time its offense has been held below 42 points. Winning a game like this could serve the Tigers well later on.

Complete Projections:
1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. Alabama
4. Penn State
5. Clemson
6. Florida
7. Auburn
8. Oregon
9. Baylor
10. Oklahoma
11. Georgia
12. Utah
13. Wisconsin
14. Michigan
15. Notre Dame
16. SMU
17. Cincinnati
18. Iowa
19. Minnesota
20. Kansas State
21. Memphis
22. Boise State
23. UCF
24. Wake Forest
25. Navy
You can see the full projections here.
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user avatar
RazzleDazzle52 months
What in the world happened to Texas?
user avatar
fr33manator52 months
“First time the offense has been held below 42 points” Did they forget the Mississippi state game?
user avatar
lsumucll3ug52 months
How can Clemson be rated so high. Last year's performance? Again they played an unranked school and next week they play a 4 and 4 NC State.
user avatar
ccomeaux52 months
Clemson people will melt
user avatar
NC_Tigah52 months
6. Florida 11. Georgia Brilliant analysis. SMH
user avatar
Blind Zebras52 months
Florida sucks
user avatar
El Campo Tiger52 months
Ohio State and Penn State will cancel each other out.
user avatar
BatonRougeBuckeye52 months
Wouldn’t the same logic apply to LSU and Bama?
user avatar
TGK4LSU52 months
A one loss LSU would get in over any one loss B10 team due to schedule. Bama may also get in over any one loss B10 team
user avatar
ArkTiger5552 months
Was not the first time held below 42 points. Do some research people it's not hard to use Google.
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