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Head coach Brian Kelly held his weekly press conference on Monday to recap the loss to Tennessee and provide team updates as LSU prepares to take on Florida this weekend in Gainesville. Here's what he had to say:

Brian Kelly on issues vs. Vols: "Our fundamentals and attention to detail need to get better, and we need to coach better. You have to play clean vs. a Top-10 team, and we didn't do that. And you get what you deserve. The great part about it is you get to flip the script."

Kelly on the Florida matchup: "Their strength is their offensive line. They can run the ball. We will have to rise to the challenge."

On the process of getting better as a team: "We're right in the middle of our process. We're working at it every single day. It's a journey, and I'm excited to be on it. Our guys are working hard to get better every day."

On self-scouting the coaching: "It's a lot more about recognition of your players and putting them in better positions. And work on our teaching to make sure it's retained and applied to the field."

On Will Campbell: "Good news on Will Campbell. Had a major test this morning that he passed. He is going to be released here in the next hour or so."

"We've got one more hurdle. We think if we pass that, which we're confident, we'll see what happens. Things are trending in a really positive direction for Will, so we're really pleased."

On injured OG Garrett Dellinger: "He has an MCL injury and is expected to miss two weeks." Kelly later said that Anthony Bradford could be a replacement option but they want to see how things play out this week in practice.

On Harold Perkins' lack of playing time vs. Vols: "He was mainly moved to play an outside role this season, and Tennessee spread us out. We were playing full nickel, and his position was used less. We didn't want to move him inside for one week as a freshman. We expect him to play more this weekend and match up well vs. Florida."

On special teams issues: "We have to field the football and tackle in space. And we need to spend more time individually on things. There isn't a whole group of other guys ready to play on special teams. This is not the JV squad out there. These are our best players. We have to stick with it."

On freshman QB Walker Howard: "He gains more knowledge every day. He believes he's better than every QB we have, which is awesome and you want that. But he respects everyone in the room. We have a good feeling about him."

On Florida's run game: "It's a good offensive line. And I think we have a good defensive line. We're going to have to play better than we did last week. I think we are capable of doing that."
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Johnf17 months
Hire him as a consultant please
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cajunmud17 months
Greg McMahon, our old special teams coach who now works for the Houston Gamblers, is in their off-season. Why can't we fire this squirrel Polian and offer Greg double what he's making now to come back?
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