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The charge of simple burglary against LSU offensive lineman Adrian Magee has been dropped according to East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore.

Moore also added that running back Lanard Fournette is entering pretrial diversion after he was allegedly caught gambling with a false ID at the L'Auberge Casino in May. Per The Advocate:

In the case of Magee, "the victim of the theft requested that charges be dismissed," Moore said. Despite that, Magee's playing status is uncertain, according to Orgeron. The coach suggested that the redshirt sophomore could experience more punishment during the season.

Fournette is in "the initial stage of acceptance" into the pretrial diversion program, Moore told The Advocate. The program is for first-time offenders and offers counseling sessions. Completion of the pretrial diversion program normally results in dropped charges.
Both players participated in the first day of fall camp on Monday.

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biglego79 months
Good. If Bama players get felony gun charges in Louisiana dropped then LSU players oughta get leeway in Baton Rouge.
user avatar
Lexman179 months
Finally good news along the o-line. We need every able body we can get! Forget the punishment. We have to field a team at this point!
user avatar
TaderSalad79 months
Wonder what Cadillac Hillar Moore decided to go with.
user avatar
IndianInBR79 months
Wonder if he still has to pay the fine for the Pre-trial diversion. At least we common people have to...
user avatar
Crusty79 months
Are you asking if Leonard Fournette's younger brother has to pay a fine??? I think big brother will take care of that.
user avatar
TheCaterpillar79 months
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