Talented four-star wide receiver Kearis Jackson from Fort Valley, GA unveiled his top eight schools this week and included LSU in the group.

His top schools are Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, and Florida State.

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The 6-0, 200-pound prospect from Peach County HS is rated the No. 3 wide receiver in the country and the No. 6 overall player from the state of Georgia for the class of 2018, according to ESPN.

For more info on Jackson, visit his profile page on our Recruiting Tracker.


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Mouth80 months
damn. the #3 ranked WR in 2018 is only ranked 6th in his state? GA must be stacked with talent for 2018 class.
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BayouBengal9980 months
GA is always stacked, how Georgia hasn't won anything is beyond me. Maybe because OS, FL, FS, Clemson, and Bama have poached so much. LSU needs to gain a big foothold in GA. This was why I was so excited about the trio we had gotten but Chatman had to go and flip it all up. I would really like to see LSU be a real player in the Carolina's, GA, FL, and TX take the best at positions of need in LA and snag a few from CA every so often, specifically QBs and LBs/DL and some OLman out there or up north. LSU could and should be recruiting with success nationally. This is Ed Os first year so I think he wants to plug holes and play the season before he really spends too much time and resources nationally, hopefully they are at least trying to contact the big time national recruits regularly to build relationships. Then when the season is a success the attraction grows for LSU and they jump all over it. We do have some solid guys committed but I think we can do better in some areas. OL in particular and the DL as well. We need studs on the los. I like the RBs and WRs we have. I know it's tough your first year and without recruits seeing your product on the field so let's just hope we look good this year. Even a solid season will be positive for Ed O as long as when we lose a game it's a battle and we are playing good fundemental football. GT
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lsusportsman280 months
I assume he's a complete Georgia lock.
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Lexman180 months
Maybe not. The Tigers have recruited well in Georgia. May have a shot!
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Strannix80 months
Muh top 8
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Womski80 months
Emojis for each school. How original.
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4orlsu80 months
don't even give a rats arse. a kids " top 8 "
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