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LSU guard Marlon Taylor becomes LSU's sixth underclassmen to declare for the NBA Draft as his name is on the league's early entry list, according to Amie Just with

Taylor, a junior from Mount Vernon, NY, started in 24 games for LSU last season and averaged 6.7 points and 3.6 rebounds per game.

Five players had previously announced for the draft: Naz Reid, Tremont Waters, Skylar Mays, Emmitt Williams and Javonte Smart.

The sixth player, Marlon Taylor, had not made any social media posts referring to potentially leaving LSU, but his name was included in the early entry list.

That means LSU’s top seven scorers from last season are either out of eligibility (Kavell Bigby-Williams) or have entered the NBA Draft.
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user avatar
Leadbelly63 months
user avatar
TigerSpray63 months
Tim Quarterman says hi.
user avatar
voodooidotwo63 months
These kids are so stupid. Someone has got into their head telling them they are better than what they are. Be realistic kid
user avatar
TNTigerman63 months
He could go play in Saudi Arabia or one of those places and show off his jumping skills.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun63 months
Dude he's a junior. Of course he put his name in to get feed back. He's not going anywhere
user avatar
tiger_nurse63 months
Chill fellas. Most mock drafts only have 1 guy being drafted (naz reid). I've seen waters in 1 draft and that was late 2nd rd. I think 5 of the 6 will be back. Geaux tigers!
user avatar
SouthernInsanity63 months
Only ones with the option of returning are the ones that haven't inked with an agent... as I understand the process.
user avatar
Bige1163 months
Nope, you can have an agent. They changed that. You just can’t get paid.
user avatar
weeble63 months
Southerninsanity, they changed the rules. College players are allowed representation as soon as their seasons end if they request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee. Those agents will have the freedom to pay for meals and transportation for both players and their families, as long as those expenses are related to the agent selection process, and meals, transportation and lodging for meetings with an agent or pro team. All player-agent relationships, however, must be in writing, disclosed to the NCAA and ended when the player comes back to school. In the past, if a college basketball player declared for the draft, they had until 10 days after the draft combine to return to school. Now, players can go through the draft and have the ability to return to school if they go undrafted, as long as they inform the school’s athletic director by 5 p.m. the Monday after the draft. as per:LINK
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LockTheGates63 months
Who is advising these guys? The ONLY thing marlon has is hops. And I LOVE those hops but...need more than that, way more than that to be successful in the NBA
user avatar
AndrewD63 months
He’d be nasty in the dunk contest
user avatar
DVinBR63 months
can we stop reporting these things, we all know how the NBA draft entry works, it's not like football
user avatar
blueboy63 months
well frick
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