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Philip Heruterus22 months
If you cant buy into the Jay Johnson way... there is something wrong with you. He bleeds purple & gold, and he isnt even from the bayou.

A very heartfelt way of expressing the pain of not getting this group to Omaha

But as Drew Bianco put it so well, we will need to make room for another Intimidator when Jay is done.
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LSUShock22 months
Get out of here with the, "respectively I'm not going to answer that question". That's your job.
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Rolo18222 months
Respectfully, you’re a moron!
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Nix to Twillie22 months
It's his job to coach baseball. He doesn't have to answer a damn thing.
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rob6222 months
Well I will translate for you.
LSU’s Pitching Staff is weak.
Jay Johnson is going to send his staff out to find SEC Caliber Pitchers and some if the Pitchers on the team now will be asked to leave to make room for new Pitchers.
Jay Johnson juggled this staff all year and did one Hell if a job with what he inherited.

What else do you think that he meant by saying “They are infinitely better on the mound than we are”? or calling their pitching staff “elite”?

This has been obviously the biggest problem for the team all year even though some on this message board don’t face that reality.
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KennabraTiger22 months
When did we play Southern Methodist?
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