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LSU Baseball Report – May 22nd, 2023
Overall Record: 42-13 (19-10 in SEC)

National Rankings:

D1 No. 5 (Last Week: No. 5)

Baseball America: No. 5 (No. 5)

Perfect Game: No. 6 (No. 5)

Current SEC Baseball Standings

LSU Report to follow.
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Still number 5 on perfect game….typo.
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wesman219 months
Was coming to put the same thing.
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RightWingTiger9 months
Actually the link takes you to Baseball America instead of PG
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JakeRStephenes9 months
What's all the love from Stanford? They have not played 1 game against a Top 25 RPI team. LSU has played 18 of them.
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CalTiger539 months
Their WBB was given #1 seed when it should have gotten #6
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