I think this is how we all feel after being tied 2-2 and throwing down that finally hand that takes it home during a Rock, Paper, Scissors match. Or I could be wrong...
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AlonsoWDC87 months
Nothing beats trusty Rock
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Jackie Chan87 months
Rock paper scissors is very popular in Japan, where it is called Janken. People use it in everyday situations to decide things like who goes first or who gets the last of something, etc. If you went up to someone on the street, stuck out your fist and said the appropriate phrase, ?????, "Saisho wa guu", they would more than likely accept the challenge right there. Tournaments like the one in the video go on for hours. This conclude this edition of Jackie Chan's Cultural Moments.
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saint amant steve87 months
Would frick every woman in that video...
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AU_RX87 months
Why the frick are asians so goddamn strange?
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Gumbo187 months
Some being a racist prick. I was stationed in Japan and for the most part, some of the most honorable and friendly people I had the privilege to meet.
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hogminer87 months
Never go scissors on the tie-breaker. smdh
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