Oklahoma State linebacker's coach Glenn Spencer has left the team after the death of his wife and will not be involved with the team's game this week against Texas A&M. His wifed died during the first quarter of the Cowboys game Saturday night. Head coach Mike Gundy said...

"We have a very close team and coaches and players that care about each other," Gundy said Sunday. "We were concerned when Glenn left there during the delay.

"She was having a tough time and then when she passed away, it was difficult. There's no question about it. His family's here and they're doing as good as could be expected at this point. We move forward and everybody's thoughts and prayers are with their family.

"It's one of the most impressive things I've ever seen,"... "She's had a really difficult time the last two years, and obviously was fortunate to go through a heart transplant and then have some really good months. And then things (did) not work out after that.""
Coach Spencer and his wife have two teenage sons.
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