No one on the interwebs seems to to know who this is other than he's a pitcher from the Mexican Baseball League whose windup includes flipping off the batter before striking him out...
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Cracker95 months
what the hell was that filmed with a 1998 nokia flip phone
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WildcatMike95 months
Kenny Powers back in the Mexican League?
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hombreman995 months
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hogNsinceReagan95 months
Poor sportsmanship
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fisherbm111295 months
Yea guarantee you that batter is not thinking about fighting. He is probably wishing that he could curl up into a ball and disappear. I can't even imagine how small you would feel after something like that.
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DoubleDown95 months
Flick a guy off with a bat, brilliant. He'll do this a few more times until someone realizes they have a bat and he doesn't. Then he'll never use that finger again.
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TampaTiger2295 months
That's some tough talk. He abused that guy. He won't hit him the bat , that's ridiculous
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rlebl3995 months
He's like a real life Kenny Powers. "before striking him off... " That sounds dirty, Larry.
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