Southern Miss football turned to its fans to vote on a new alternate helmet for the Golden Eagles this season. The winning design, “by an overwhelming margin,” according to USM athletics, is an inverted version of the current Southern Miss helmet coloring.

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robttiger128 months
the retro helmets they wore most of last year are better than this one
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sharpSee128 months
So now if the players hate their helmets, they can literally hate their own fans.
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Settingthestandard128 months
NO, please say this didn't happen.
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cord1321128 months
Their colors have been this new yellow gold for about 9/10 years now. They went away from the old gold look and went to black metallic helmets with the yellow gold lettering. This is just an invert of that helmet.
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Smoke Ring128 months
Looks like a 1960's bus.
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Chadaristic128 months
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BuccWildBammer128 months
OK that's the same ugly helmets, just a gloss yellow instead of gold

I would've let Nike design one like they did for Oregon or like the Eagles (NFL) & make it a bright gold

or bright gold with the USM eagle head logo
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TaxmanMSU128 months
As turrible as their football team. AAAAOOOOO!
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gamecocks22128 months
Did State and OM fans hijack the vote? That looks turrible.
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LSU 318 LSU128 months
That looks awful
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