This deer has the right approach to hitting the gym...

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jcaz90 months
That deer has one hell of a hurdle. Cleared those benches with ease.
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UF90 months
Small deer, they should have picked up barbells and bludgeoned it to death and harvested some venison.
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Amazing Moves90 months
Bro, I could've totally crushed that deer, Bro.
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pjab90 months
Deer you even lift, bro?!?
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hogNsinceReagan90 months
lol at dudes bowing up.
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Hoops90 months
Santa better check Rudolph for PEDs
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saint amant steve90 months
"Come on Mike, you've got two more reps in you! Push it! Push it! PUSH IT! GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT! DON'T YOU LET THAT BAR COME DOWN!!!" *Deer runs through* "Hey Mike, check it's Bambi. Huh? Oh my bad, Bro. I didn't realize the weight fell on your neck."
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TigerSpray90 months
"They don't want none, Running scared, cause they don't really want none.''
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SomeLSUguy90 months
That is how I'm going to start entering the gym when I go workout! Just going to blast through some glass like its not thang. Make a lap around the joint. Then walk out the way I came in all chill AF.
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DoubleDown90 months
I love the young snap city wannabe in the hat that ran after the deer. Must be all jacked up on pre-workouts thinking he's gonna help or even do a damn thing. If that deer wanted, he'd frick up everyone in that gym. That deer instantly became the biggest MOFO in the gym in 1 second.
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