Check out this Irish fella impress some older lads with this amazing card trick using all 52 cards...

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Scooba110 months
The 6 of Clubs stays on the bottom, he follows the deck by constantly checking it. See: Slight of hand / False shuffle It's all in the setup. Well performed.
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LSUChamp06110 months
Filmed in portrait, such a noob.
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PurpleGoldTiger110 months
No matter how many times he cuts the deck before the trick, the order of the cards never changes.

Even his shuffle before the trick is really a false shuffle because he just passes the cards through each other and immediately into another cut.

Keeping the cards in the same order, he finds the bottom card with a previously made crease in it and makes one final cut to get the deck ready for the story.
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HailFreezusOver110 months
He has the deck ore organized. And when he shuffles and lets someone cut. He later fixes the deck how he needs it.
He feels with his finger where he has the card sticking out slightly so when he cuts the deck and moves bottom to top he has the cards he needs.

At one point you seem him discard one card and then later flip it. This was an extraneous card he needed for later.

It's all in the setup of the deck and the illusion of mixing and slight of hand deck shifting....

Granted he is quite god and entertaining
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touchdownjeebus110 months
that was fricking amazing.
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Rebel Land Shark110 months
I might be able to explain it if the video was turned sideways and not shitty quality
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tankyank13110 months
Probably a reason why he is the only one with long sleeves, and moves his arms quite a bit
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