Big 12 athletic directors met Tuesday to discuss the stability of their league before they can determine if and how much they might need to expand. Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard, the chairman of the Big 12 ADs, said...

"There's a lot of possibilities. It could be nine, it could be 10, it could be 12, it could be 16, pick a number," "I think what we're more focused on is doing what we all believe is right for the membership of the Big 12 and the most important piece right now is the solidarity among the nine and finding a way to make sure that we provide that solidarity so that we can be stabilized before we entertain whether that should be nine, 10, 12, 16."

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Frick Sleeseball Slive, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Miss State should make the Little 12 the Big 16!!!!!!
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