UFC legend Daniel Cormier stayed calm, cool and collected while experiencing an earthquake during his "DC & RC" ESPN show with Ryan Clark on Tuesday...
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Spms82ndAA15 months
Cormier "from Louisiana where the earth never shakes"....should have been in TS last weekend!!
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BurrowToChase16 months
How is this hack Ryan Clark still relevant. What a loser
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JackieTreehorn16 months
I was in the SF airport one time and there was a small one. Definitely the weirdest feeling.
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cajunmud16 months
I was in an earthquake once in...Oklahoma! OKC. I'm sitting on my bed with my legs extended with my laptop on my lap at the Motel 6 and my feet flop over to one side, kinda like your speedometer would do if you nailed it. Then they flop back the other way. I'm thinking, what the hell? Then I hear a loud bang like a car had hit the bldg. I look outside, nothing.

Later that day the news came on and said that we'd had a 3.1 earthquake. That was before they'd figured out that it was prolly the shale drilling and that evil fracking that was making the earth move. Checked off my bucket list.
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