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Favorite team:New Orleans Saints 
Location:Baton Rouge
Number of Posts:827
Registered on:6/7/2004
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Recent Posts

re: How cool would Solar road Ways be? - Opus
[quote]Can you imagine the cost of digging the 3-4 foot tenches they show in the video?[/quote] America Works :lol:...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Rob Ryan at LSU pro day: Who's he watching? - Opus
[quote]Coach O: Rob, you need da hook up on sum crawfish? My potna T-Roy down dhere in Larose got dem foe cheap. Fott one's too. Coach Rob: All I heard was crawfish but I'm game. [/quote] :rotflmao: :rotflmao:...
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re: What should I do with my property? - Opus
It sounds like you want to keep it. Would you use it, sparingly, if there was a small house on it? Do they still sell Katrina cottages on the cheap? Maybe get one situated on the land and go visit every now and again for a relaxing weekend. I don't know a lot about the area, so I'm not s...
Posted on Money Talk
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re: Did your kids enjoy Mr Peabody and Sherman or - Opus
2.5 year old. He didn't enjoy any of it until the fencing scene, especially the heart shaped boxers part :lol: After that he stopped protesting and watched a little bit. But I only put the movie on because I wanted to watch it. ...
Posted on Movie/TV Board
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re: Bastardizing Lagniappe on Menus - Opus
I do agree with you. Words have meanings. If you use the word incorrectly you deserve to be made fun of, at the very least. ...
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re: Sports on 990 AM - Opus
Brian Alle-Walsh? I haven't listened to 990AM in months so I'm just guessing off of what I used to know about them. ...
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re: "Covington like up-town New Orleans without the gun-fire" - Opus
[quote]He is a staunch conservative and civil war buff--even does the annual reenactment deal in full uniform. [/quote] What made you decide to put these two things together? I'm assuming you don't self-identify as a liberal and that you know the liberal playbook is to equate conservatives with ra...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Is Dane Cook still alive? - Opus
[quote]He's Dusty Crophopper.[/quote] Yeah, my kid loves the second Planes movie so my opinion on Dane Cook has mellowed :lol:...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Please explain Swiss Franc situation - Opus
[quote]LINK But do tell. Where are these magical third floor offices that house no faculty or visiting areas. I'm all ears. [/quote] :confused: Doesn't page 19 of your link show a third flood (magical ability pending) with offices? I'm a simple lurker and even I know LSURussian is t...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: Sam: I'm not in the NFL because I'm gay - Opus
Jesus frick people here are primed and ready to go with whatever narrative is spoon fed to them. Anyway, I was under the impression he had a pretty good preseason? Either way, I would imagine some of the better teams in the NFL would take him in a heartbeat if he could help them win a game. ...
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re: Just bought a new car and need a little advice. - Opus
[quote]They never told me they would need me to get the title. They said they would take care of it, then changed their mind a week later.[/quote] If this is a new car dealership then this is nothing new for them. When you signed your forms you had to sign a Louisiana Vehicle Application Form. Th...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: What's up with the Pels-Rockets rivalry on this board? - Opus
Its fun to mess with the Rockets fans on Pelicans Talk because they can't help but interject themselves into the forum dedicated to a team that is not theirs. But in general there is no true Pelican/Rocket rivalry because the Rockets have never done anything of consequence to the Pelicans, and vice...
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re: I really miss our Hornets colors / brand - Opus
I do miss Hugo. He was awesome. But in this case we had to throw the baby out with the bathwater so that we could come out ahead with a much more fitting rebrand. I think everything worked out perfect for both franchises. ...
Posted on Pelicans Talk
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re: How do you want The Walking Dead (TV show) to end? - Opus
[quote]Whats your preference among those or how do you see it ending?[/quote] My preference would be finding a cure to stop the living from turning into walkers automatically upon death. But nothing that de-animates a walker (or worse yet turns them human). How do I see it ending? After being...
Posted on Movie/TV Board
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re: Wendy Davis' campaign is an omnishambles - Opus
[quote]Can we just permaban DS now instead of having to wait for the election?[/quote] Whats the bet? If she loses or if she loses by a certain amount?...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: Why is talking about salary a taboo? - Opus
Two reasons. 1) People are not mature enough to discuss salary without negative feelings creeping in and straining the relationship. 2) Employers will not allow giving up leverage in salary/raise negotiations. If you can talk about it like a grown up and keep what you know from your employer ...
Posted on Money Talk
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re: This board is one giant double standard in relation to STL Cardinals - Opus
[quote](I say rightfully because as a whole Cards fans are a more knowledgeable fanbase)[/quote] :lol: Maybe now you can figure out why the rest of the sports world finds Cards fans so insufferable. And I'm not even an MLB fan. Try not being a douche and see how people treat you....
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re: Cheeseburger eddies on w. Esplanade any good? - Opus
First time I went I was underwhelmed. But I wanted to like it so I went back a few weeks later. Still underwhelming. Too many good places to eat to give a third chance at being bored with a meal. ...
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re: Uh Oh...someone better call Matt Damon and the Gasland director! - Opus
What does a study like this do to/for the opposition to drilling in St. Tammany? Is it a comparable situation to the fears of those residents or is it an apple/oranges type situation? I don't know enough about fracking to have an informed opinion and the only concern I know the St. Tammany res...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: NFL HoF Ballot for 2015 - Opus
Darren Woodson Will Shields Jimmy Johnson Kevin Greene Junior Seau I think they punt on choosing another defensive player and go with Jimmy Johnson this year. Cower would be a shoe in but I think people expect him to come back at some point and the voting committee doesn't like things like t...
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