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Mike da Tigah
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re: Leftists Inflitrate West Point

Don't worry. They'll get everyone's mind right at the camps.

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baton rouge
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re: Leftists Inflitrate West Point
The author was pretty damned good with his use of words to get his propaganda points all in a row. I definitely liked the first sentence qouted, as it was a conclusionary sentence for an English 1001 essay written the kiss the teachers ass.

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re: Leftists Inflitrate West Point
Why would it require a think tank to understand what people in this country want? Shouldn't they be asking and listening to people instead of hypothesizing? I don't know anyone who's anti-government, though I do know many people who are tired of Congress and other parts of our government representing the desires of entities with "big money" over desires of the people.
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re: Leftists Inflitrate West Point
This type of labeling and misidentification has been going on for years.

For instance, ever since Kennedy was killed in Dallas, the media and Hollywood have pointed toward right-wing fanatics as the root of Dallas' evils, even though the gunman (I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone) was an avowed Marxist.

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