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The Boat FloridaState fan210/19 3:06 pm
by The Boat

Why are we not blitzing in that spot?

Double Oh110/19 3:06 pm
by Jwho77


ctiger69 LSU fan1110/19 3:04 pm
by moneyg

Timeout? Wtf?

bwallcubfan LSU fan110/19 3:01 pm
by catholictigerfan

Let them score?

Northwestern tiger Saints fan410/19 3:00 pm
by TechDawg2007

Holy crap

Double Oh310/19 2:59 pm
by alajones

This game has been pretty terrible to watch

Mr. Hangover Saints fan410/19 2:58 pm
by ell_13

Corey white

moneyg LSU fan610/19 2:57 pm
by Sentrius

Vaccaro take the right angle

Double Oh210/19 2:56 pm
by Mr. Hangover

Watching the game with an idiot

stniaSxuaeG Saints fan1510/19 2:50 pm
by Ponchy Tiger

Holding/PI in the backfield not a penalty?

sicboy MichiganState fan310/19 2:49 pm
by Eternalmajin

Why are there no replays when detroit commits a penalty?

MoreOrLes LSU fan210/19 2:45 pm
by MoreOrLes

Sean Payton looks like he has aged a lot

HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan310/19 2:44 pm
by skinny domino

Graham 3/3

BarbeTiger Saints fan310/19 2:44 pm
by Sentrius

Just put flags on the QB and get it over with

LSUZombie Saints fan510/19 2:39 pm
by Diddles

Kenny F*&king Vaccaro!

ell_13 USA fan210/19 2:37 pm
by Hoodoo Man

We seem to be pass blocking well. Why can't we run block?

Hoodoo Man LSU fan510/19 2:36 pm
by moneyg


tunechi SLU fan110/19 2:35 pm
by Kafka

Can someone explain that penalty?

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ell_13 USA fan2410/19 2:33 pm
by catholictigerfan

More observations from Ford Field

56lsu LSU fan910/19 2:32 pm
by Tiger_n_ATL

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