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re: Most dominant defensive performance you have seen by LSU Football? - PennTiger24
Bama 11/5/11 Held them to 2 FGs in 5 quarters. All anybody remembers was that they had 4 missed field goals, but they missed from 45yds, 50yds, 52yds and were blocked from 49yds. That game also included probably the best defensive play of the year with Reids interception at the 1. And if you coun...
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2 Aurburn-LSU tickets (Sec 99, Rw 29, St 9&10) - PennTiger24
Can't go to the game, trying to get face value which is $85 each. willing to negotiate price...
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re: After we beat Arkansas like a dog... - PennTiger24
I find Oregon's argument hilarious and ironic. They say they were the better team and if it wasn't for 4 unlucky turnovers they would have beat lsu. So what about their win against stanford who had 5 turnovers. Does that mean they didnt deserve to win that game?...
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re: 20 minute video of walkway in front of ours and Golfgate's crew in the Bama Quad - PennTiger24
I was at this and the best/worst of the day was when a lady rolled by with a baby carriage and everyone was tiger baiting her then people started sticking their head down to the baby and tiger baiting this little one year old girl decked out in bama gear and she was bawling her eyes out...
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