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Transportation from Green Bay to Chicago - tigerbobo
Looking to see if anybody knows of any charters making this trip Sat night after game. My flight plans have now changed. I have to catch an earlier flight than rest of my group, so I am trying to avoid renting car and making trek by myself. Thanks...
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re: What to do for high cholesterol? - tigerbobo
First thing. Tell you Dr to do a NMR test. It's a better predictor of risk. I wouldn't put a ton of stock in your cholesterol #'s. Lipid panel is a 60 year old test that is wrong roughly 50% of the time. Before taking pill, you can try diet and exercise. Stop eating wheat...
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2 SEC Championship Tics/Fanfare - tigerbobo
2 SEC Championship Tickets Sec 311 Row 13 2 Tickets SEC Fanfare $225 for all Tickets are in Metairie, could possibly meet in BR as well email bobo4901@cox.net...
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2 South Endzone Kent tixs (New Orleans pick up) - tigerbobo
Sec 417 Row 40 Seat 22/23 $50/tic...
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re: Gidget goes to Washington? - tigerbobo
How is Obama qualified? What are his accomplishments?...
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