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That certainly clears the air some for me and the multiple angles by each party in this complicated matter. You have a much better understanding on what's exactly going on here as its not a simple case and has multiple layers and different elements and possibilities at play. I guess in my gut i do f...
Watch out for the upset here! Just looking at Yale's statistics, they can shoot the 3 from all 5 positions and can score. If the refs continue to penalize us over the Will Wade saga and refuse to call a good game we could see a very similar game as we did vs Florida. Not sure what their FG% in the 2...
Ok I am not nearly as knowledgeable on this trial as you but my questions, may seem dumb but i am just curious... #1, correct or incorrect, is Wade being subpoenaed by Dawkins defense team to testify on the matter or who subpoenaed him? #2, if Wade doesn't incriminate himself and there is no direc...
The Administration is a joke, true. But Miles had to go, the mistakes made with just the clock in his tenure were used to create several minutes of comedy on a YouTube video. Clock management was as bad as any major market coach and not like it was an isolated incident. His gameplay in the National ...