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re: Your best in-home cinematic experience movie - Rowdy Mcflowdy
Bladrunner 2049 is good as is Master and Commander. But Oblivion will show off you system nicely. As will The Revenant....
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re: Youtube TV is going nuclear on Roku - Rowdy Mcflowdy
Unless I'm mistaken,I believe Roku is the top streaming device so I believe they have the upper hand at the moment. I have 5 Roku TVs in my house for guest rooms and outdoor TVs. My main TVs are Samsung smart TVs. Without a doubt the user experience is far smoother on the Roku sets for accessing str...
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re: New York Times Tech Columnist: Twitter Too Powerful - Rowdy Mcflowdy
Because they know that fricking snake will turn on them because its a fricking snake. ...
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re: What would it take for Coach O to win you over? - Rowdy Mcflowdy
He needs to go 7-1 at minimum, doesn't have to beat Bama, but a strong showing. Obviously cannot have any missteps that remind folks of Miles's issues. I am encouraged by what we have seen so far. Keeping us undefeated against A&M would help a lot too! ...
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