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re: TN VS MU - Women SECnet

Posted by mizzou3627 on 1/4/16 at 10:02 pm
The referees officiating this games were fricking terrible they couldn't even call a bird or collect....
In 2016 mizzou will be at least top 5 with a young experienced defensive line and a hell of a lot better offensive coordinator. ...
we could hire Odom as HC and have coach kul as DC the two important people on the team and just revamp the entire offense with new coaches...
God Dangit, I am fan of Loftin because he got us an athletic director with a backbone who left his school in good condition before he left. He actually comes to sporting events to support the school it does not looks like a chore to him he actually takes joy in it. Tim Wolfe can go Jayhawk himself. ...