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sec a down year????

Posted by EzSkyWalker on 1/2/16 at 1:09 pm
Well im sure you all have been hearing it all year but when it came to the bowls..... other than florida, and a&m we've blown everyone out as a conference... why the hate?...
That was the best pure quaterback play ive seen all year! His oline was nothin but a speed bump... thatll be a great drew brees replacement...

re: LSU back to #1

Posted by EzSkyWalker on 12/18/15 at 2:17 pm
Cfl look him up can prob play nfl ball hes good...
Its simple move cameron to only the quaterbacks coach, ditch miles weeks b4 the recruiting dead period so when we get new oc and hc recruits will have time to mesh.. hire the best Oc & Head Coach u can find period! Money shouldnt be an option.. college or Nfl with a big name and reputation for resul...
Move cameron to the quaterback coach and find the best OC in the country & best head coach in the country available or not money talks & Lsu has plenty.. then we'll keep everyone and pull major surprises.. the recruits will see our immediate urge for change and we're good! First step beat a&m... the...