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Obama didn’t win Georgia
Obama didn’t win Georgia in 2008 or 2012, yet there are people on this board and “professional “ political pundits that think Georgia is in play. Have y’all lost your minds ? Trump wins Georgia 53-46 at worst based upon 2008/2012/2016 and current mail in voting.

Texas is similar. Obama couldn’t win in Texas in 2008 or 2012. Clinton didn’t win in Texas and he was a white , southern male. But yet some how Sleepy Joe wins Texas ? Really?

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re: Obama didn’t win Georgia
Limp-dicked candidates in the underwhelming governor's race in 2018 has Dems chasing fool's gold in GA.

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re: Obama didn’t win Georgia
Trump has won TX it’s over there - Ga is closer but he’s still in good shape

At this moment - FL Ohio are locks

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re: Obama didn’t win Georgia
Obama won NC in 2008

that's scary enough

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re: Obama didn’t win Georgia
I live in Georgia and don't think Trump will lose either but outsiders need to realize Georgia is going down the shitter at a faster rate than people would believe. The influx of west coast/New Yorkers fleeing to North Georgia is a serious concern and naturally they're bringing their fricked up politics with them.

The film industry is a major culprit as studios are being thrown up around Atlanta and so many projects are filming here. I'm all for eliminating those tax incentives to send all those bastards back to hell.
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re: Obama didn’t win Georgia

Obama won NC in 2008

Historic black turnout and a horrible dud Rebpulican candidate that was a surefire loser.

Produced a win for Obama by 14K votes .3%

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