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re: Since when did Walmart start selling sex toys?

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Not locked most places and been at least two years.
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The OTC Pharmaceutical Company I served as VP QC/QA/Regulatory sold lots of products to Walmart. Each year, we traveled to Walmart HQ to present our products and any new product proposals. The Purchasing Group offices were on 8th Street in Bentonville. Their building had a big/Huge waiting room at the very front with meeting rooms down hallways off that waiting room.

Every time we ever went, there were maybe 50-60 vendors seated around the room with their stuff ready to take to show their purchasing manager. When you entered, they gave you a number and when your appointment time came, they called you to go back.

You never went to the purching agent's office. All business was conducted in the meeting room. I was always there to review product complaints. Usually they could tell you the store and the time each complant was submitted. Very thorough, very professional.

Everything was videotaped, there were at leats two video cameras in your meeting room, so no bribes, gifts or whatever could be exchanged. When you presented them with a sample (as with all new product submissions) they gave you a receipt, and someone else was called to take it back to their office area.

Lot of garbage said here. but can you imagine the purchasing manager for sex toys and what that meeting looked and sounded like? Can you imagine what their product shelf in their office looked like?

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Home Depot is on board too.

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James, you rascal!
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Get your mind out of the gutter. They are wand massagers. It says so right on the box!
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