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re: Elderly Guardianship Assets Questions/Experience
Elder law in Lexington


I hear this practice advertise on the Tom Leach Show.

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re: Elderly Guardianship Assets Questions/Experience

I probably shouldn't have mentioned Medicaid in my OP. She's not on Medicaid, she's on Medicare now that she's 70. Not sure she'll be on state Medicaid in the future. I'm not sure what nursing home costs will run above what Medicare will pay and she has KY Retirement and SS to at least cover some of those costs.

If she goes to a NH for custodial/residential care, she will be on Medicaid. Medicare does not pay for residential care. It only pays for short-term stays in “Skilled Nursing Facilities” for people who need more care than home health to recover enough to be able to return to their prior state of health or their prior living situation (that is a simplified and not 100% accurate description of SNF care but good enough for this discussion). Medicaid is the program which pays for people to live in nursing homes. It is a special program administered by Medicaid. Typically the nursing home will receive payment from Medicaid and they will also be the payee of your mother’s SS check to cover the costs not covered by Medicaid.

The fact that your mother has SS and a railroad pension may make this more complicated because she has more income than many people entering into NH care. Amplifies your need for Elder Care attorney.

You can also make an appointment to speak with the intake/admissions person at a NH you are interested in amd they will be able to give you guidance as well about what to expect during the process because they have to deal with it every day.

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re: Elderly Guardianship Assets Questions/Experience
The other question here is what’s her monthly income? My 92 year old uncle is in a nursing home. The bill is $4795 a month. Of course there are other expenses like medications.

His pension and SS pays out $3100 a month. However we have applied for VA aid and attendance which will be another $2100 a month. When approved it is retroactive back to the day we submitted the paperwork so he’ll be covered without touching his assets.

He is a wartime veteran. If your mom was the spouse of a wartime veteran she could also qualify for VA aid and Attendance.

I was able to work out a deal with the home to accept his current income until it goes through.
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