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re: Sportsnation poll on whether Falcons will go undefeated

This is some of the dumbest shite I've ever heard.

Well thanks for being nice and having a rational discussion about my views of sports. It makes the rest of your statement seem totally not like a douche said it.


Essentially you are arguing why blissful and delusional ignorance is ideal over objective rationalization

Limited exclusively to the world of being a sports fan. Absolutely. I just cant rationalize being objective and rational and a realist with being a sports fan.

If you want to be objectively rational about sports, ok we can be: they are meaningless, they have absolutely no effect on your life, the players are over paid, the owners are greedy, your team has a very slim chance of winning anything each season, and the 3 hours you spend every Sunday watching the game and the countless hours you spend during the week discussing and thinking about it are a complete and total waste of time. You could find an infinitely more productive way to spend your time.

ETA: You throw in the fact that you are probably a NFL and NCAA fan and the amount of money you waste every year on sports events and the amount of time you spend every yeaer on sporting events could be used to better your community, help the poor, help your family, spend time with your kids, learn a new skill, perfect a hobby, get ahead in school, excel at your job, there's an infinite number of possibilities.

Sounds like the least fun way to approach sports ever.

So for me, ill stick with blissful ignorance. Ill wear the same shirt every game day, ill do my pregame ritual every Sunday morning, ill cheer my heart out in the Dome, I'll have total faith every week that my boys in black and gold can pull the victory out against all odds, ill continue to believe that my cheers and my fandom are all part of the magic that wills my team onto victory. And I'll be happy all the while knowing that there is a real world out there, but when it comes to being a sports fan i can lose myself in the fantasy.


just so that you can have ammo to attack Falcons fans.

I dont know where you are getting that from. I didnt mention the falcons anywhere in my post.
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