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re: Is it possible that the DC position for the Saints is not that desirable ..
not an issue IMO

Career wise it's almost always better to coordinate than be a position coach. Whether you have been one or not before. Your one of 32 doing that at the highest level in the world. Next step down you are in a tier of about 500+ NFL position coaches. There are exceptions but I don't count here as one.

Money could easily be double the pay or more for most guys.

You're going to a solid contender with one of the best records in the NFL the past 7 years. The Saints are now thought of as a solidly run organization and desirable destination. That wasn't always the case. Some franchises this could be true of. Payton staying in Dallas versus taking the Oakland job in 2005 for example. Good story btw The overall organization is a much bigger factor than the state of the squad IMO.

As others said, you're teaming with one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history. Great defense would be fine but if you can get it just to average range you are talking about immediate Super Bowl contention. All GW had to do was improve the defensive rank by 6 and that happened.

There's no avoiding how much of a total meltdown the D was last year. The great majority here thought the defensive personnel moves in the offseason were a distinct improvement over 2011. For whatever reason the scheme stunk and did not work. As fast as it fell off from 24th to 32nd in yds allowed and 13th to 31st in points allowed there is certainly the potential to turn those back around in one season.

In retrospect I think last year will go down as a giant asterisk in Saints history. We'll never be able to quantify the damage done by Bountyfarce but it was more significant than most would have imagined before the season.

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re: Is it possible that the DC position for the Saints is not that desirable ..
I say no. There are always ways around lack of cap space. The Bucs cleared $18 mil alone this upcoming year by turning most Nicks' and Jackson's salary into a bonus.

As far as current roster, I'd say no to that too. We have some pieces that will fit a lot better an the 3-4, then they did in Spag's system. To me, the players on last year's roster that are least likely to fit are Ellis, Smith, Vilma, Casillias, and Shanle. Three of them are FAs, and the other 2 can be cut to save money. Plus, even though we may lack defensive talent, our offense being so explosive has to be appealing to Defensive coaches.

Like others said, I know a lot of fans don't like the Ryan hire, but I think it's exactly who the team wanted. I remember reading somewhere that the reason the Ryan/STL deal fell through is because we gave him a call and he was more interested in coaching here.

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