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re: Zooey from HIMYM...Biggest bitch in TV history??

Stella was a bigger bitch than Zoey simply for the fact she allowed he husband to write "The Wedding Bride."

Ted could probably sue the frick out of them for that movie.

That was probably the one time I felt sorry for Ted.

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re: Zooey from HIMYM...Biggest bitch in TV history??
Julie Cooper from the OC. Bankrupted her family, divorced her broke husband while keeping the house, spread lies about a teenager and her neighbors, slept with her high school daughter's ex and that's just season one.

Also no Betty Draper? Her anger at Don for his lies and countless affairs is completely justified, but Betty still is insufferable as a person.

Skylar gets a bad rap. She hates Walt because she fears for the lives of their children and she is a bitch? Or is it just because she fricked Ted?

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