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re: Wheel of Time - A Memory of Light

There's only two books that are Winters Heart and Daggers. I actually really enjoyed a crown of swords.

A fitting end.. and I'm glad Jordan got to write the epilogue. Talk about leaving you hanging.. if you read the last three books as one large book (there's only 1 day of time passing between ToM and AMOL) then it's really a great read.

I just want to know who the frick is Nakomi.. I suspect Verin as a hero of the horn, but I don't really know.

I know Crossroads of Twilight is so terrible I'd like to pretend it never existed as well, but it was in there before Sanderson rescued the series as well.

I really can't see Verin as a hero of the horn, and beyond that Nakomi was out and about with the horn not being blown when she met Avi.

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re: Wheel of Time - A Memory of Light
Google Hoid, it's a recurring character in Sanderson's novels who always knows more than anyone else.

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