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re: Watching lost for the first time

-The story with past Locke was pretty sad. It seems he has a habit to trust bad people despite the evidence.

Locke's entire journey on the show is one of the fascinating.

-frick Michelle Rodriguez. I can not believe she was casted on this show.

You would've fit in well in the Lost threads back when they aired.

-Sayid has handled the death of Liam Nelsons's daughter like a boss. He is my favorite character.

Sayid is awesome, no doubt.

Alright, speculation. Gale never reached the countdown, which triggered the food shute drop found at the end of the episode.

The clock just resets.

The clock is some mechanism of control, perhaps part of the initial experiment.

Man, keep watching and keep us updated with your reactions to things...few things would make me happier entertainment-wise than if I could start Lost over having never seen it.

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re: Watching lost for the first time
Next episode......

Libby was in the same crazy house as Hurley? WTF?

What a show.

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