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Shadow in the Clouds. (Spoiler)
Movie stars chloe grace moretz

It is about a women getting on a plane to deliver a secret package during WW2.

This was available on Hulu so I watched it. It is only 90 minutes so that really helped this movie. Lol..

Felt like it could have been a really cool twilight zone type movie, but they had to screw it up by adding a very unneeded element to the movie. I really wish movie studios would realize sometimes less is more and you don't have to keep reaching for more just to have it.

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re: Shadow in the Clouds. (Spoiler)
Yeah.. I watched it because the trailer was a little off but still very nice visually.

It started off pretty good. I agree with the twilight zone vibe.

Then it went downhill very very quickly.

It could have been a cool mind frick of a movie but instead went very basic and dumb.

Also, Chloe is just a uniquely gorgeous lady.. just wish she'd find a good role.

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