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re: Hook me up M/TV. Breaking Bad or Mad Men?
I don't know, I never really got into the Walking Dead. To each his own I guess.

I would pick Breaking Bad over Mad Men, that show is awesome and you'll probably finish it up before the new season starts

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re: Hook me up M/TV. Breaking Bad or Mad Men?

Mad Men is miserable, shallow people doing miserable, shallow things to one another and then turning around and wondering why they are so miserable. I really do not like the show at all, and feel its success is mainly due to the fact that miserable, shallow people like seeing themselves on the screen and pretending they have more depth than they actually do. No, you are miserable and shallow. Stop it.

Really, there's not one decent person on the show. They are are horrible people and deserve every awful thing which befalls them, which is usually of their own making. I don't see how anyone finds it entertaining or even all that interesting.

You sound miserable.

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re: Hook me up M/TV. Breaking Bad or Mad Men?
MM, from the couple episodes I've seen is expertly crafted and highly stylized. That said, I didn't instantly invest in it like I did BB because it was so crammed to the hilt with impossibly pretty people. Just my humble, but I get more out of casts that look like actual humans that I see day to day.

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re: Hook me up M/TV. Breaking Bad or Mad Men?
I am watching Mad Men. My SO is watching Breaking Bad.

We started Breaking Bad together, and I was grossed out and terrified (I HATE suspense and killing). But I am about the only person on earth who was put off by Breaking Bad. From what I hear, it only gets better as you go on.

I really enjoy Mad Men as a whole. I think the character development and storyline is interesting. I'm never DYING to catch up on episodes, but I've also never been dying to catch up on any show at all in my life. So take that as you will.

MM moves a bit slower and it's more about the characters than it is about "action"

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