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2020 Memorial Day marathon on TCM


Memorial Day Marathon - 5/23-5/25
This Memorial Day weekend TCM remembers those who have lost their lives serving our country by showcasing a marathon of movies covering conflicts that range from the Civil War to Vietnam.

Civil War dramas range from The Red Badge of Courage (1951), with real-life war hero Audie Murphy as a Union soldier dealing with personal issues of cowardice and valor, to Glory (1989), the story of the first African-American unit of the Union Army, with Oscar winner Denzel Washington as a heroic ex-slave. World War I is represented by the classics Wings (1927), an American silent directed by William Wellman, and Westfront 1918 (1930), a German film by G.W. Pabst.

The many WWII films include several that were made contemporaneously with the war, such as Uncertain Glory (1944), Edge of Darkness (1943), Reunion in France (1942), Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944) and Assignment in Brittany (1943). Those looking back from later years include D-Day the Sixth of June (1956), Hell to Eternity (1960), Battle Cry (1955), Battle of the Bulge (1965), The Dirty Dozen (1967) and The Great Escape (1963). ...

TCM article

10:45 Sergeant York (1941)

Synopsis: True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War I hero.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast: Gary Cooper , Walter Brennan , Joan Leslie

1 pm D-Day the Sixth of June (1956)

Synopsis: An American and a British soldier in love with the same woman head for the Normandy Invasion.
Dir: Henry Koster Cast: Robert Taylor , Richard Todd , Dana Wynter

3 pm Steel Helmet, The (1951)

Synopsis: Americans trapped behind enemy lines fight off Communists during the Korean War.
Dir: Samuel Fuller Cast: Robert Hutton , Steve Brodie , James Edwards

4:30 Green Berets, The (1968)

Synopsis: After vigorous training, two Army detachments see service in Vietnam.
Dir: John Wayne Cast: John Wayne , David Janssen , Jim Hutton

7pm Casablanca (1942)

Synopsis: An American saloon owner in North Africa is drawn into World War II when his lost love turns up.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast: Humphrey Bogart , Ingrid Bergman , Paul Henreid

9 pm Waterloo Bridge (1940)

Synopsis: A ballerina turns to prostitution when her fiance is reported killed in World War I.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Vivien Leigh , Robert Taylor , Lucile Watson

11 pm Cornered (1946)

Synopsis: A World War II veteran hunts down the Nazi collaborators who killed his wife.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast: Dick Powell , Walter Slezak , Micheline Cheirel

1 am Uncertain Glory (1944)

Synopsis: A French playboy gets serious when his country is threatened during World War II.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast: Errol Flynn , Paul Lukas , Lucille Watson

2:45 Edge of Darkness (1943)

Synopsis: Resistance fighters battle the Nazis in occupied Norway.
Dir: Lewis Milestone Cast: Errol Flynn , Ann Sheridan , Walter Huston

5 am Reunion in France (1942)

Synopsis: A Frenchwoman tries to help a downed U.S. flyer escape the Nazis.
Dir: Jules Dassin Cast: Joan Crawford , John Wayne , Philip Dorn

7 am Assignment in Brittany (1943)

Synopsis: A French Resistance fighter discovers he's a dead ringer for a Nazi official.
Dir: Jack Conway Cast: Pierre Aumont , Susan Peters , Richard Whorf

9 am Cornered (1946)

Synopsis: A World War II veteran hunts down the Nazi collaborators who killed his wife.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast: Dick Powell , Walter Slezak , Micheline Cheirel

11 am Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)

Synopsis: General Jimmy Doolittle trains American troops for the first airborne attacks on Japan.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Van Johnson , Robert Walker , Tim Murdock

1:30 Wings of Eagles, The (1957)

Synopsis: Biography of Frank "Spig" Wead, the pioneer aviator who turned to writing after being grounded by an accident.
Dir: John Ford Cast: John Wayne , Dan Dailey , Maureen O'Hara

3:30 Sand Pebbles, The (1966)

Synopsis: A naval engineer stationed in 1926 China defies local authorities to rescue a group of missionaries.
Dir: Robert Wise Cast: Steve McQueen , Richard Attenborough , Richard Crenna

7 pm Hell to Eternity (1960)

Synopsis: A young man adopted by Japanese-Americans becomes a hero in World War II.
Dir: Phil Karlson Cast: Jeffrey Hunter , David Janssen , Vic Damone

9:15 Pride of the Marines (1945)

Synopsis: A blinded Marine tries to adjust to civilian life.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast: John Garfield , Eleanor Parker , Dane Clark

11:30 Wings (1927)

Synopsis: In this silent film, romantic rivals fly against the enemy in World War I.
Dir: William A. Wellman Cast: Clara Bow , Charles Rogers , Richard Arlen

[b]2 am Westfront 1918 (1930)

Synopsis: German soldiers face terror and despair on the front lines during World War I.
Dir: G. W. Pabst Cast: Fritz Kampers , Gustav Diessl , Claus Clausen

3:45 Red Badge Of Courage, The (1951)

Synopsis: A young Union soldier fights to atone for a moment of cowardice during the Civil War.
Dir: John Huston Cast: Andy Devine , Robert Easton Burke , Douglas Dick

5am Battle Cry (1955)

Synopsis: A group of Marines eagerly await deployment during World War II.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast: Van Heflin , Aldo Ray , Mona Freeman

7:30 Where Eagles Dare (1968)

Synopsis: An Allied team sets out to free an American officer held by the Nazis in a mountaintop castle.
Dir: Brian G. Hutton Cast: Richard Burton , Clint Eastwood , Mary Ure

10;15 Great Escape, The (1963)

Synopsis: Thrown together by the Germans, a group of captive Allied troublemakers plot a daring escape.
Dir: John Sturges Cast: Robert Graf , Nigel Stock , Angus Lennie

1:15 Dirty Dozen, The (1967)

Synopsis: A renegade officer trains a group of misfits for a crucial mission behind enemy lines.
Dir: Robert Aldrich Cast: Lee Marvin , Ernest Borgnine , Charles Bronson

4 pm Battle of the Bulge (1965)

Synopsis: A crack Nazi unit holds off the Allies during World War II.
Dir: Ken Annakin Cast: Henry Fonda , Robert Shaw , Robert Ryan

7 pm Best Years Of Our Lives, The (1946)

Synopsis: Three returning servicemen fight to adjust to life after World War II.
Dir: William Wyler Cast: Myrna Loy , Fredric March , Dana Andrews

10 pm Till The End of Time (1946)

Synopsis: A returning World War II veteran falls for a troubled war widow.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast: Dorothy McGuire , Guy Madison , Robert Mitchum

Midnight Coming Home (1978)

Synopsis: While her husband serves in Vietnam, a young woman falls in love with a disabled veteran.
Dir: Hal Ashby Cast: Jane Fonda , Jon Voight , Bruce Dern

2:30 Homecoming (1948)

Synopsis: A married man's wartime love affair spells trouble when peace comes.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Clark Gable , Lana Turner , Anne Baxter

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