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re: Durant and westbrook showboating in regular season

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re: Durant and westbrook showboating in regular season

Duncan/Dirk/Garnett/Kobe have declined and are replaced by fricking Paul and Durant?

what's wrong with durant?

durant this year v. dirk 2 years ago

PPG: 23.0 - 29.5
FG%: 51.7 - 51.9
RPG: 8.2 - 7.5
APG: 2.6 - 4.3
FT%: 89.2 - 91.0
BPG: 0.6 - 1.2
SPG: 0.4 = 1.6
TS%: 61.2 - 65.5
PER: 23.52 - 29.15

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re: Durant and westbrook showboating in regular season

The Thunder isn't winning the title this year.

you look like a moron saying this-on so many levels.

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re: Durant and westbrook showboating in regular season

I will agree with the OP in that the Thunder INSANELY benefit from the refs...

I mean Durant and Westbrook take much more jumpers than Lebron does, but get to the line MORE than Lebron.

Seems like every game, the Thunder shoot 35-40 FT's.

Very true. It was the same way last season, which is why their fans were so pissed when they didn't get preferential treatment in the Finals.

The Thunder are contenders though. #2 behind the Heat. The Spurs' best players are just too old in my opinion. It'll be a Thunder Heat rematch.

Home court in the Finals is virtually worthless. The 2-3-2 format ruins HCA because the first team to get to 3 wins generally wins the series. And G5 is played on the "worse" teams home court. If that team goes up 3-2, it's very difficult for the home team to win those last 2 games. Over the last nine years the team with HCA in Finals is 5-4.

Regardless barring an injury for the end of the playoffs, the Heat are massive favorite to repeat. When they're focused they are scary to watch. They beat the Lakers by 10+ and couldn't hit a shot outside of 10ft. That's the only reason that game wasn't a 30pt blowout. The Thunder will continue to play Perkins because Brooks is afraid to bench him for locker room/chemistry reasons, and the series will go 5-6 games again.
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