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re: Need opinions on career to go in to..

I have always thought about becoming an attorney



A reason I would not want to go into law is because it brings no new business into the local economy.

That's not true - if one lawyer lives in a town? He's broke. If a second moves into town, they're both rich. You need lawyers for some things.


Any thoughts on paths I should take?

What do people always need? They need things built and they need garbage hauled away - these things are not nearly as subject to outsourcing, although you will need to be at the top of the heap in either field to make real money.

Building or making things will bring new business into the area. Waste disposal (and there are many options now, not just garbage and sewer), recycling, etc. doesn't "bring new business" as you say, but it is a cornerstone of modern civilization.

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