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Credit Card Question - Chase Cancelling A Card I Never Asked For
2 years ago I received a credit card from Chase without me signing up or asking for one. I already had one with them so I'm not sure why it was mailed to me. It was never activated or used and I cut it up. Now, I have a letter stating this credit card is being closed due to inactivity over 2 years. I emailed them asking if this will effect my credit score and they tell me they can't tell me that because they are not finanical advisors. They are supposed to be looking into how I got the card if I never signed up for it. Any idea if my score will take a hit from this?

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re: Credit Card Question - Chase Cancelling A Card I Never Asked For
If it doesn't put you over 50% credit utilization or decrease your average credit line age, probably no effect. You weren't getting a lot of positives from it anyway, with no payment history.

I wouldn't sweat it, but there are a number of reasons I don't do business with Chase anymore, and this is an example of it.

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