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re: Bayer 4-1 split, good time to pick up more?
Isn't that what he asked?

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re: Bayer 4-1 split, good time to pick up more?
Hi again.... OK, I’m totally confounded. The BAYER website does not show a split. Amount is in Euro (E 117.) which converts to approx. $137.00 USD

This is from the email I received back from my bank in Germany last week regarding the shares I hold there:

I checked the Bayer share and the latest developments. So far I could not see such a sharp plunge as you described in your Email. I also could not find information regarding a split 4:1. At the moment it is all o.k. as you have seen yourself when checking your securities account with us. What I suppose is that either your stock tracker is not working properly or you have possibly saved the wrong Bayer-ISIN. The correct ISIN is: DE000BAY0017. The share price is currently at 112,20 EUR per share (28.09.2017, 11:46 German time).

If one of you who now has 4x the amount of shares at 1/4 the price can confirm the ISIN he mentioned above, I would appreciate it. (not sure what that is or how to check it). Thanks!

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