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Tired of Tiger fans claiming "SEC Caliber"
Part of the problem with our fanbase, is the Denial as to where things actually are. Not only LSU but the conference as a whole. I think Administrators, Coaches, players, And fans, throw this term around like we are living in the past.

WTF up. Is like everyone has moved on to straight leg, while we are still wearing bell bottoms.


But that's an even greater indictment on the use of those players within SEC programs. This is not a talent issue. This is about the fact that the conference is continuing to slide in terms of the caliber of product that it presents to its fans.

Lack of qb development and quality coaching has been how this conference is being discussed nationally.
Rantards boast:

"SEC caliber quarterback"
"SEC caliber competition"

Maybe that means something in the NFL. But the way I see it, there is only one team in the conference thats truly SEC CALIBER...
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re: Tired of Tiger fans claiming "SEC Caliber"
No, Alabama is national championship caliber. That's where you're logic is flawed. Bama is the best program in college football, hands down. They have been for a while now. The SEC as a whole does have a certain caliber of excellence that is expected though, that's just the way it is. We hold our teams to higher standards, and thats why we produce such great players. We demand greatness, at least demand to compete for greatness, and if you come up short, you're still a damn strong team. There's a benchmark that power sec programs strive for, every year, year in and year out. We arent living in the past dude. Look at the recruiting rankings and the amount of money and the first class facilities and all of the other resources we have.

Coaching does make a huge difference, but once again. You're comparing the greatest coach of all time in saban, to every other coach in the sec. Bama is what teams in this conference are shooting to beat. The sec still is the best conference in college football, maybe not this particular year, but that's because our conference is down this year from top to bottom...besides bama, georgia, and possibly auburn. That happens once in a while though in any conference in any sport. The sec is still an elite conference and will continue to be. SEC caliber is definitely thrown around too much, but there is a difference in expectations from the sec compared to other conferences.
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re: Tired of Tiger fans claiming "SEC Caliber"
I agree with the OP. Obviously the conference has been historically good. But its been declining. And the trend is worsening. I understand the expectation. The term caliber, in terms of SEC team performance, and reality are not adding up. Honestly, I thought it was all about National Championships. If not, then thats a problem too. We in particular, are a school which has been trending rapidly in the wrong direction. Yet, within our own bubbles, we abuse the term SEC Caliber. I say Bama is the only team that deserves the tag, SEC caliber.


Four reasons why the SEC is no Longer King

SEC Era of Dominance Over??
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