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Florida vs. Auburn Breakdown Video

Great stuff here as always from Matt Wyatt. I'm sure Aranda will be on this but just curious on your opinions. In the video he points out where Mullen used a receiver in the slot to gain a 1v1 advantage against a linebacker. It definitely contributed to some of their success. Later in the game Auburn used a nickel safety to cover the slot and shut it down with more success. My question is has LSU had to do this any so far this year and who is normally covering the slot receivers for us? I have heard local radio mention that given our corners Florida will definitely try to attack the middle of the field and is something they like to do anyway. I'll hang up and listen...

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re: Florida vs. Auburn Breakdown Video
My comments from a previous thread apply here:


I rewatched the UF Auburn game. UF rarely blitzed, applies okay pressure on Nix sometimes and we’re solid in coverage. But Nix failed to recognize open receivers and it seems like he doesn’t have the timing down with his WRs.

That was a terribly executed game on both sides. UF just happen to have a couple of big plays that determined the outcome.

Their best play was when they were able to force Auburn to guard Swain with an LB. It happened five times. Two times UF was successful and scored TDs, one completion went for about 10 yards and two fell incomplete. But that was their go to pass play. Slant to Swain covered by a LB.

I think Aranda will have that covered.

Overall UF relies on tight coverage and Nix to make mistakes with bad throws and not recognizing defensive formations. It worked for UF. It usually does against freshmen QBs.

It will be a different story against Burrow IMO.

The two incompletions were when Auburn adjusted and did not allow a LB to guard Swain and instead put a DB on him. I just missed it the first time. I missed it because I watched the game on my phone which is not as clear as the big screen.

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