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Justin Fuente for OC

by LSUTigersVCURams
LSUTigersVCURams 1611/22 6:53 am

Ready for the season to be over

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by Tigers1984
Tigers1984 2011/21 10:25 pm

Hopefully we can have a winning record this season.

by IndianInBR
IndianInBR 911/21 10:21 pm

A LSU team of mostly freshmen and sophomores won on the road

by TrueTigerTale
TrueTigerTale 711/21 10:20 pm

Faulk needs to tighten up as RB coach

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by shackleford318
shackleford318 5011/21 10:09 pm
Nix to Twillie


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by LsuSaints57
LsuSaints572311/21 9:52 pm

Worst Officiating I Can Remember

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by Bayoutigre
Bayoutigre 2411/21 9:44 pm

Let’s talk CB recruiting

by SammyTiger
SammyTiger 1911/21 9:19 pm

Bowl Games this year

by SlickRickerz
SlickRickerz 1011/21 9:13 pm
da prophet

Rick's out first half vs Ags?

by TigerBert
TigerBert 1711/21 9:12 pm

O was accepted as a CEO/recruiter not as football coach...

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by bengalfan50
bengalfan50 4211/21 9:21 pm

Today cemented who our best running back is

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by Jugular Joe
Jugular Joe3011/21 8:54 pm

Finley will win a heisman while at lsu

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by arseinclarse
arseinclarse 3511/21 9:17 pm

Considering Finley is a freshman, I think he has what it takes

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by chinhoyang
chinhoyang 3311/21 8:49 pm

Mention of the Bama game being canceled

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by ScottAndrew
ScottAndrew 2811/21 8:21 pm

We need a new PGC that can add some creativity like Brady

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by saturncube21
saturncube214911/21 8:16 pm
Bjorn Cyborg

How awesome was that when the article came out that LSU ran the wrong defense against MSU?

by thadcastle
thadcastle 211/21 8:14 pm

As LSU improves, Pelini should not get relief

by siliconvalleytiger
siliconvalleytiger 1711/21 8:12 pm
dos crystal

Am I insane for thinking this?

by 2019goats
2019goats 1811/21 7:54 pm

Arkansas only had 56 scholarship players today

by The Boat
The Boat 911/21 7:52 pm

Anything on McMath?

by SouthernInsanity
SouthernInsanity 011/21 7:47 pm

I truly don’t know who was worse the refs or the announcers?

by CottonWasKing
CottonWasKing 611/21 7:34 pm

Stinchcomb is douche and should be fired

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by mpwilging
mpwilging 2211/21 7:33 pm

LSU only had 56 scholarship players today

by Lester Earl
Lester Earl 1311/21 7:20 pm
tenderfoot tigah

Why are our wrs all in the same spot when they run there routes.

by Tiger30
Tiger30 111/21 7:20 pm
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