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re: Delly with article about recruit Arch Manning
I don’t know or have any connections with the Mannings but Archie used to throw nerf ball to me as a kid and was a friend of my dads. ( We lived almost next door in Ole Miss married student housing. ) My dad hated LSU because of what they tried to do to Archie when he had a broken arm. I can’t imagine him being thrilled about it either. Cooper was obviously an Ole Miss player too as was his Uncle Eli. That said and all the complete bs on here, the mannings are good people and I can’t ever imagine that their honest dislike of LSU would be as big a factor as some on here think. Eli went to UT.

They will want to make sure that Arch is treated fairly and in a family atmosphere and where they are comfortable with the coaches. Right now, say what you want LSU and Clemson are on top of that list.

Ole Miss will be in the picture, as they should be.

But in the end they are going to turn to Arch and say “this is what we think are the positives and negatives of each of these choices, but son it’s up to you, we want you to go where you think you will be happy, and it doesn’t matter one bit to us. We aren’t playing anymore.”

And what the hell is freaking wrong with that? They also want him to enjoy his high school years without all the sleazy recruiting bs. That’s not Ok with people?

In sum, lay off the Manning’s with all this bs and let the kid have fun, enjoy high school anc be a normal kid and hopefully he will end up in purple and gold.

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re: Delly with article about recruit Arch Manning

Yeah, okay.

Agreed. For a very solid article, that but was laughable.

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re: Delly with article about recruit Arch Manning
Arch has a long way to go before he is a D1 talent. Slightly built, average mobility, does not posses energy piercing throws on film.
One superstar receiver and a ton of shitty competition made him look above average.
Max preps POY my ass
Best of luck to him.

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re: Delly with article about recruit Arch Manning
He was a freshman in High School.

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