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What the hell?
How does my thread get deleted yet we let a two month long thread about murders in BR continue?

Some admin must be friends with Skip or have stock in Chicken and Watermelon.

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re: What the hell?

This gonna be good.

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re: What the hell?
Nice knowing you

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re: What the hell?

How does my thread get deleted yet we let a two month long thread about murders in BR continue?

Lol dude don’t even waste your breath. If it doesn’t fit in with their world view it’s gone. They even make shite up so it fits accordingly.
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re: What the hell?
I am trying to figure out what exactly triggers deletions when bringing on a local who puts herself in middle of local issues. Just posting pictures from an article she wrote on public website or having links to open public websites or open Facebook posts seems to trigger. Unless thread on women of Louisiana got deleted for some other reason. Is she that weak of a person she can't handle criticism or being made fun of for being a hypocrite? She paraded around a kid to show her wokeness and then realized she wasn't as woke as she thought. Picture person posted earlier was a link from her own article which included info under name promoting something she was selling related to her article. She has put her name and kids out in public and public websites including picture from her article added in thread today.***Publiclink**
Right below pic of her original 4 children at bottom of this article she wrote on redstickmom (which is what poster included today not one uploaded from private website or account) She promoted her blog (inactive now), love of NY & Africa, her name, husband's name, and her doula work with her SNS and amazon link .

She posts public pics on Facebook of her current 4 children which any reasonable person would wonder and figure out what happened by seeing her public pictures. I am not friends with her and saw them as easily as anyone else. her public instagram has similar pics, and twitter still has post promoting adoption and children aren't meant to be orphans before she changed mind - public twitter
another of her Public instagram pics of former and current kids

Is redstickmom a banned website here? I know public Facebook and other social media aren't banned.

She evens lists herself as a founder of another public Facebook page

Why does someone on OT have such a quick trigger finger to delete threads she comes up in when she has put her name and family out in public forums and website (and keeps them there assuming she can just ask redstickmom to remove her own guest article)?

Removed thread (yes I am sure her picture inclusion was a joke by person commenting but why remove thread. You could remove most OT threads for having comments like that).
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