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re: What's a good rpg for 360?

Not of a fan of other players being able to jump in to my game and kick my arse and take my stuff. Hasn't happened yet b/c I'm still early and don't really have anything, but I can see that making me rage pretty hard.

I wonder if I show offline if they can still do that. Maybe I'll just play offline

Played my first playthrough offline so I could learn the ins and outs. Second playthrough was online, and let me say, it was exhilarating. There are only 2-3 areas that are hotbeds for invasion. It's so exciting when you see you're getting invaded and meet up with the guy. Very awesome. Online is also good since you can summon people to help you with hard areas/bosses.

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re: What's a good rpg for 360?
Figured I'd bump this instead of continuing to hijack the other thread.

Dark souls is everything you said it would be so far. Even the enemies you think are easy give you a fight.

Just for kicks I googled Xbox RPGs. Most of the the top lists I saw had most of what was mentioned in here. Dark souls, dragons dogma, mass effect 2, tales of vesparia, elder scrolls games, and others.

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